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POWERDECAL™ is an innovative LED-backlit logo for your vehicle window. Device turns on automatically while driving at night via sensor technology and shuts off after 2 minutes when parked; once installed you never need to touch it. POWERDECAL™ offers a clean exterior while maximizing visual impact with full color and contrast at night. POWERDECAL™ brightness works great in dark factory tinted windows. Easy installation with quality 3M adhesion material, just peel and stick, no tools required.


POWERDECAL™ comes with batteries and window mounting clips set in place; clips use quality 3M VHB adhesion strips.

BEFORE INSTALLATION use rubbing alcohol pad included in package to prepare window surface, alcohol pad will remove carwash window cleaner residue. Surface needs to be completely dry for proper 3M VHB adhesion.


Product is delivered with 3 AA batteries and a set of window mounting clips. Because this is a new product that functions uniquely, you may have questions about its use. If your question cannot be answered using the information below, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Align the left side of the lens under the black frame. Bend and snap the lens to align the right side. Run your finger around the perimeter of the lens to seat it.
POWERDECAL™ is designed to only light up at night while driving by detecting vehicle motion.
POWERDECAL™ has multiple sensors, so it senses for darkness and vehicle motion. The device will light up only when both conditions are met.
Yes, first remove the Try-Me strip by pulling firmly and set the switch to the ON position. Test by placing it in a dark environment (such as a desk drawer), then rattle desk drawer to simulate movement. The POWERDECAL™ should be lighted when the drawer is opened.
No, once parked POWERDECAL™ will shut OFF automatically after 2 minutes.
POWERDECAL™ senses a lack of movement and shuts off after 2 minutes.
If for some reason you do not want the decal to light up while driving at night, you may shut the device off. This will allow you to conserve battery usage as well.
No, for best result always use new window clips for mounting.
Yes, POWERDECAL™ is bright enough to glow through dark factory tinted windows.
Blue light is an indicator light; if blue light is on the POWERDECAL™ is ON.
The batteries will run for over 45 hours continuously; this means that if used on average of 30 minutes per evening batteries will last over 3 months.
Device uses three standard alkaline AA batteries.
Battery door is located on the backside, simply press tab inward and lift off battery door.




  • 60 - $19.95/unit
  • 120 - $17.95/unit
  • 180 - $16.95/unit
  • 240+ - $16.45/unit

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