Frequently Asked Questions

Product is delivered with 3 AA batteries and a set of window mounting clips. Because this is a new product that functions uniquely, you may have questions about its use. If your question cannot be answered using the information below, please reach out to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I receive my PowerDecal after I place an order?
A. Orders ship within 24 hours and should arrive in about a week if the lens is in stock. If a lens is not in stock, please allow 7-10 days for delivery. Lead times vary depending on the season. Items may also ship separately as availability may vary.

Q. How do I insert or switch the lens in my PowerDecal?
A. Align the left side of the lens under the black frame. Bend and snap the lens to align the right side. Run your finger around the parameter of the lens to seat it.

Q. I set switch to ON position and PowerDecal doesn't light up immediately, why?
A. PowerDecal is designed to only light up at night while driving by detecting vehicle motion.

Q. How does it turn ON automatically?
A. PowerDecal has multiple sensors, so it senses for darkness and vehicle motion. The device will light up only when both conditions are met.

Q. Can I test it before vehicle installation?
A. Yes, first remove the Try-Me strip by pulling firmly and set the switch to the ON position. Test by placing it in a dark environment (such as a desk drawer), then rattle desk drawer to simulate movement. The PowerDecal should be lighted when the drawer is opened.

Q. Do I have to turn PowerDecal OFF?
A. No, once parked PowerDecal will shut OFF automatically after 2 minutes.

Q. How does it turn OFF automatically?
A. PowerDecal senses a lack of movement and shuts off after 2 minutes.

Q. Why do I need the OFF position?
A. If for some reason you do not want the decal to light up while driving at night, you may shut the device off. This will allow you to conserve battery usage as well.

Q. WINDOW CLIPS: can I re-stick the clip back onto a window once used?
A. No, for best result always use new window clips for mounting.

Q. Does PowerDecal work with tinted windows?
A. Yes, PowerDecal is bright enough to glow through dark factory tinted windows.

Q. What is the blue light located on lower backside of PowerDecal?
A. Blue light is an indicator light; if blue light is on the PowerDecal is ON.

Q. BATTERIES: how long do the batteries last?
A. The batteries will run for over 45 hours continuously; this means that if used on average of 30 minutes per evening batteries will last over 3 months.

Q. What kind of batteries does PowerDecal use?
A. Device uses three standard alkaline AA batteries.

Q. How do I replace the batteries?
A. Battery door is located on the backside, simply press tab inward and lift off battery door.


1. My PowerDecal doesn’t turn on.

Make sure switch is set at ON position.
Device first senses for darkness and then vehicle movement before it lights up. Device will only light up if both conditions are prevalent.
You may test by placing device in any dark environment, tap or shake device to simulate driving movement.

2. My PowerDecal window clips are not sticking to vehicle window.

If window has any cleaner residue from car wash this might cause a problem. Clean window surfaces using rubbing alcohol to remove any oil, grease or residue and let dry 100%.
Always install in moderate non-humid temperature range of 50 to 80 degrees F.
To reinstall make sure to use a new set of window mounting clips.

3. My PowerDecal doesn’t shut OFF after 2 minutes once parked?

Simply reset by switching to OFF then ON position.

4. My PowerDecal is not as bright as when it was first purchased?

Replace with new batteries.