PowerDecal comes with batteries and window mounting clips set in place; clips use quality 3M VHB adhesion strips.

BEFORE INSTALLATION use rubbing alcohol pad included in package to prepare window surface, alcohol pad will remove carwash window cleaner residue. Surface needs to be completely dry for proper 3M VHB adhesion.


Step 1: Remove TRY-ME button and strip (pull out firmly).

Step 2: Peel red tabs to expose glue strips. Helpful tip before mounting to glass, have someone stand outside and comment when positioned correctly from on looker’s view point.

Step 3: Position on glass and press firmly for 30 seconds. Then, using your thumbs, press against both clips for an additional 30 seconds for better results. (Works best on flat area of glass.)

Step 4: Set switch to ON position.

* Must mount to window surface in temperature range of 50 to 80 degrees F.

* Position onto flat area of window for mounting clips to function best.

* Always leave (1”) of clearance for device to slide up and out of window clips.

* Do not use on retracting or sliding windows.

ALWAYS: Check local and state vehicle laws before installation and product usage.


Device uses three standard Alkaline AA batteries (included).

Changing Batteries:

Step 1: Lift device up and off window clips.

Step 2: Remove battery door and install new batteries; align + and – orientation.

Always dispose of old batteries properly.